Vision & Values

We are indigenous and non-indigenous stewards. Our vision is to enrich life and revitalize the natural environment. We work to design simple, fresh, and convenient practices for sustainable consumption. We do this through our mission and values:
Mission - To encourage happy, healthy living and zero-waste lifestyles. 
Our Values:
  1. WE CARE - Tremendous care is taken to choose products, processes and services that are wholesome, benefit the environment first, are safe, efficient and of the highest quality.  We value simplicity and necessities.
  2. WE ARE TRUE - We are honest, pure, and true in our intentions and actions, and are compassionate, socially responsible and respectful with all our partners.
  3. WE HAVE WHOLEHEARTED PASSION -We make conscious choices that support the health of people and the planet. We engage in responsible partnerships (organic, Non-GMO, local, fair-trade) that foster environmental protection or sustainability and ethical treatment of workers and promote conscious consumerism in all we do. 
  4. WE ARE INNOVATIVE CURIOUS and FUN - We solve problems using innovative technologies and aim for continuous improvement and education.