Beeswax Candles

Wyldflower Candle Co

Treat yourself or someone special to these locally made beeswax candles.

 Caution: Never leave a flame unattended; always keep your burning candle in sight.

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Keep the wick at a quarter of an inch.

As the candle burns down, gently 'hug' the melted wax inwards, to contain the wax pool.

Generally, burn each candle one hour for every inch that the candle is wide; for example a three inch wide candle is best burnt for three hours to 'open' up the candle and burn the wax efficiently.

To extinguish, press the wick into the wax pool, then straighten the wick and trim to a quarter of an inch. This will not only ensure the absence of smoke but will re-coat the wick for the next lighting.

Bloom is a whitish patina that may form over time. It is a sign of purity in the natural beeswax. This is the natural rising of minerals to the surface, and may be wiped away with a lint-free cloth.

Beeswax candles are best burned in a draft free environment, to ensure a dripless candle. A flickering flame may indicate a draft.