Candle Refill
Candle Refill
Candle Refill
Candle Refill

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Candle Refill

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The same candles you love in a reused jar! Bring in your empty Wyldflower Candle jar and purchase a candle refill at a lower price than a new candle.

 Lavender & Sage

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a large lavender field. Take a deep breath and inhale the sweet aroma with a touch of sage to balance. Your mind will feel at ease and you will begin to feel at peace.

Sunday Biscotti

A quiet morning at home enjoying a hot cup of coffee flavoured with caramel and snacking on a sweet, wafer treat. The scent will warm your home and this candle makes a perfect gift for any occasion.

 Freshly Folded

The scent of folding a load of towels fresh from the dryer. The clean cotton smell that carries with you through the day.


A deep + warm scent that brings true calm and comfort to your soul. With hints of warm incense, Indonesian white copal & patchouli you will experience true zen.