Dish Scrubbing Package


Dish Scrubbing Package

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Our dish scrubbing package is great for attacking greasy pots and pans. This package will help you reduce your plastic consumption by replacing sponges with a hard bristle brush and solid dish soap.

This package includes:

eco+amour solid dish soap

eco+amour hard bristle brush

 eco+amour solid dish soap creates suds that are tough enough to cut stubborn grease and baked on food. These powerful bars are even great on laundry and carpet stains. 

Tip: Use the bag as a soap saver or place your body soap in the bag to use as a  body exfoliant in the shower. 

Made with olive and coconut oils and lightly scented with grapefruit + orange essential oils. 

Each bar is about 3x3x2" and approximately 9 oz. Packaged in a reusable mesh bag.