About us

“Together these plants – corn, beans, and squash – feed the people, feed the land, and feed our imaginations, telling us how we might live.” - from “The Three Sisters”, Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer.

Indigenous wisdom teaches us that in order to thrive, we must be aware of our environment and the impact we have upon it, and we must commit to caring for our environment in ways which create a positive infinite cycle. To this end, Hearterra aims to offer local residents a gathering space where they may learn about zero-waste initiatives and food sovereignty practices, and implement them with regards to their own consumption. 

Our social enterprise launched with support from a Millworks Centre Entrepreneurship and LAMBAC/NOW grants, and from Women of Ontario Social Enterprise Network (WOSEN) and Algoma University business students.  Hearterra offers a selection of household cleaning products, dry beverage products, and personal care products that are either locally made or well-known (and effective, yes they actually clean!!) such as, eco-conscious brands including PURE, ONEKA, and more.  You can order online for pick-up or delivery or purchase in-store.

The intention is to both provide high quality sustainable, healthy options for consumers, and to work together with local producers and makers to share knowledge and techniques for reducing production waste–including and especially single-use packaging.  We also pride ourselves on being clean and safe, preventing COVID-19 spread with consistent sanitary and deep cleaning processes.

Hearterra co-founders and mompreneurs, Angela, Brittany and Jody, long standing and passionate advocates for a zero-waste lifestyle.  Each in their own way, they work to introduce principles of sustainability into a broader application within their communities. One of our partners, is from Nbisiing (Nipissing) Anishinaabeg First Nations. Just as with the Indigenous practice of “three sisters” companion planting of squash, maize and beans, great ideas flourish best as a product of complimentary skills. The trio were brought together through their shared passion, knowing that they possessed the necessary expertise, passion, and drive to develop their idea into a business that could propagate a positive cycle of change within the community. Thus was born Hearterra, a zero-waste refillery specializing in sustainable home and personal goods.

We hope you celebrate our locally-produced goods and our efforts to provide a more sustainable, accessible means in a centralized location for regional makers, farmers and upstarts.  By offering this one-stop shopping service, customers are encouraged to reduce their own carbon footprint whilst supporting the local economy through companies committed to shared zero-waste values, thus nurturing an infinite cycle of reciprocity within their community. We are all learning together.  We welcome you to our family!