Community Impact

Here you will find a listing of other business and organizations that have values aligned with ours and they are doing their best to reduce their environmental impact. 

Eco Clean Sault

Sault Ste Marie Ontario cleaning services for residential and commercial properties using natural cleaning products to ensure your home, office or work space will be left clean, fresh and ready for you to enjoy. 
Eco Clean Sault is passionate about using eco friendly products and reducing plastic waste by getting their products refilled at Hearterra. 
Some of our favourite products purchased at Hearterra include: 12% vinegar, Pure dish soap, baking soda, Bare home hand soap, Oneka hand sanitizer, and many other things. 
Owner of Eco Clean Sault
Tiffanee Groulx

Fit Bodies. Fit Minds.

At Fit Bodies. Fit Minds., we strive to inspire and teach you to be the healthiest version of you... And we don't just stop at fitness!
Through proper movement patterns, nutrition, holistic wellness, mental wellbeing, and inspiring Healthy Habits, we know we can help each person who walks through our door.
Part of creating healthy change and health for life is knowing and understanding the role our environment plays in our health as well. Using Hearterra's all-natural cleaning supplies helps us do that!
By reducing the amount of toxins in our environment, we are better able to reach our goals of healthy, happy living.
Check out other ways we can help you through our website
or check us out on social media @fitbodiesfitminds
705-254-LIFE (5433)


muel.bags makes… bags mostly from garbage or found textiles.
muel.bags also mends anything that can be sewn back together. They are passionate about sustainability and look to being a part of the solution to reduce the excess garment and textile waste that happens in our world.
GEAR REPAIR: Tents, backpacks, hammocks, hats, and the rest
VISIBLE MENDING: add a wholly unique flair to your garments! 
BLIND MENDING: small rips and tears or zipper replacements 
THRIFTY ALTERATIONS: Ten-dollar pants often don’t fit, let muel.bags help! Email me:
DM me on Instagram @muel.bags
Drop off and pick up available at Hearterra (1-112 March St.)

Zoli's Kleaners

Zoli's Kleaners aims to provide the Sault and surrounding area with eco-friendly, cost effective Ozone sanitizing and deodorizing services. Their local certified ozone technician can educate clients on Ozone and its effectiveness, as well as remove lingering bacteria and odours that may be left behind by traditional cleaning practices. Whether it be surface or airborne bacteria, ozone cleaning targets these harmful bacteria cells, penetrates the cell wall, destroys it (the bacteria) and safely reverts back to oxygen. Unlike traditional single use wipes and chemical cleaners that merely mask these odours with artificial scents, ozone is able to destroy this problem at its root. Zoli's Kleaners are able and ready to service both residential and commercial spaces included but not limited to; houses, gyms, yoga studios, physio and chiropractor offices, daycares etc.. As well as everyday use items such as jackets, PPE, sporting gear, footwear, patio cushions, pillows etc can all benefit from the power of ozone.
Facebook Zoli's Kleaners, Instagram @zolis.kleaners
Email or give us a call anytime with any questions 705-989-7920