OLA Bamboo

Bamboo Straws

They’re reusable and 100% biodegradable. OLA Bamboo straws are perfect for cocktails, fruit juices, soft drinks and more. Keep your straws clean with OLA Bamboo’s Straw cleaning brush. We highly recommend the use of this cleaning brush for proper hygiene of your Bamboo Straws.

Care tips:
Always wash your straws with warm water and soap and the included washing brush after each use.
Make sure to let them air dry before storing them in a closed space or putting them in a bag or travel case.
Do not leave your straws in water or liquid for many hours because this may damage them or reduce their lifespan.
Do not put them in the dishwasher.


Silicone Straws

This amazing silicone straw is ideal for children because it is not rigid, so there is no danger of a child getting hurt while using it. This is a fairly large straw, so perfect for smoothies, slushes and more.

Care tips:
The silicone straw is dishwasher safe. Please note that a light white film may remain on the straw after machine washing depending on the dishwasher or detergent used. Be sure to let the inside of the straw dry thoroughly before storing it in a closed place.
If you use it for a smoothie, be sure to rinse the straw so that no residue is stuck inside.