Compostable Wooden Utensils

OLA Bamboo
Don’t feel like doing the dishes, but still care about the environment? Make a logical choice and opt for compostable wooden utensils instead of disposable plastic utensils. You can throw them in your compost bin at the same time as any leftover food. They’re perfect for picnics and celebrations, but also great for lunch boxes and diners on the go. 
  • Box of 12 wooden utensils
  • Choice of 12 forks, 12 knives or 12 spoons
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Made from FSC certified wood to ensure best practices in managing responsible forests
  • To be put in a compost bin with leftover food after a meal
  • Very light
  • Replaces disposable plastic utensils
  • Ideal for camping and parties