Annapolis Valley Luffa

The Annapolis Valley multi-scrubber Luffa is a perfect substitute for sponges. This luffa is great for cleaning dishes, showers and other household surfaces. Unlike dishcloths luffas do not trap odor. 

The personal sized luffas are as luxurious as a face cloth for use on your body. Some believe you should brush towards your heart.

The Soap Saver (bed) is great for helping your soap dry properly so it lasts longer. Once the soap saver is full of soap you can use it to clean up your sink so there is zero waste.

After much use, and your Luffa is getting near the end of its life, it is fully compostable. Because it is grown on organically certified soil, Annapolis Valley Luffa is vegan friendly, grown with loving care in Kings county, Nova Scotia. 

Caring tips for your Luffa

Please rinse and allow your luffa to dry thoroughly after each use.

You may sanitize by doing any of these methods:

  • Put in boiling water for 10 minutes
  • Steam for 10 minutes
  • Hang outside in sun (high UV day)
  • Dip in hydrogen peroxide then, dip in white vinegar
  • A mild bleach solution

Luffa is dishwasher safe but may reduce luffa lifespan.