Massage Brushes and Belts


Wellfit Massage Brush
The mix of soft horsehair and stiff plant fibre tautens the skin, stabilises the circulation, strengthens the nervous system and stimulates the metabolism in a natural way.

steamed beechwood, horsehair/tampico fibre Size: 13.5 cm

Dry Massage Brush
Dry massages are a wonderful form of stimulation for the vascular-circulatory and nervous system. Always start the massage on parts of the body that are the farthest from the heart, on the feet, then the arms. Massage using 3 – 5 strong, slow strokes of the brush towards the heart. In the stomach, chest, and back areas use smaller, circular motions in clockwise direction. A pleasant, added cosmetic benefit of such a massage is a gentle peeling: dead skin cells are removed.

untreated beechwood and  tampico fibre Size: 6 x 14 cm

Massage Belt

Like brushes, the massage belts also have a stimulating effect on the vascular-circulatory system – and can be used for washing as well as for massage. Sisal, woven with cotton, is an ideal material for massage belts. Dry thoroughly after use.

50% sisal, 50% cotton Size: 92 x 12.5 cm