Three Forks Seeds - Flowers

Three Forks Seeds

Long lasting cut or dried flowers are a must addition to any garden. Beautiful
orange flowers. Many medicinal qualities. Annual 18”-24” Tall (1 gram)

Earthwalker Sunflower
Beautiful autumn coloured sunflowers that are multi-branching and great for
bouquets. (100 seeds)

French Marigold - Sparky Mix
Beautiful annual flower that is great at detering pests and nematodes. Also
attracts beneficial insects. (100 seeds)


All Three Forks Seeds are open-pollinated, non-GMO, and certified organic by Ecocert Canada. Most come from heritage varieties passed down from generations of farmers, while others have been bred by other small seed farmers developing resilient open-pollinated seeds for various regions. All seeds are germination tested before packing.