Three Forks Seeds - Greens

Three Forks Seeds

Arugula - Icebread
Super cold hardy arugula that has a delicate but spicy flavor. Slow bolting and
great for the North. (150 seeds)

Jack Ice Lettuce
Dark and delicious crispy leaf lettuce. Great for salads and burgers. Can be
grown for baby greens or to full head. Bred by Frank Morton. 60 days. (200 seeds)

Jerico Lettuce
This romaine is the most delicious lettuce we grow at Three Forks. Beautiful
head with crisp lettuce. (200 seeds)

Merville de Quatre Saison Lettuce
A beautiful butterhead lettuce that is great for all seasons. Is very cold-tolerant
but also does well in summer. 45 Days (200 seeds)

Westlander Kale
Very cold hardy frilled green leaf kale. Compact and great for smaller gardens.
50 days to harvest. (100 seeds)


All Three Forks Seeds are open-pollinated, non-GMO, and certified organic by Ecocert Canada. Most come from heritage varieties passed down from generations of farmers, while others have been bred by other small seed farmers developing resilient open-pollinated seeds for various regions. All seeds are germination tested before packing.