Three Forks Seeds - Tomato

Three Forks Seeds

Black Cherry Tomato
Deep red cherry tomato that is bursting with flavour. Good for patios and
containers. (30 seeds)

Chadwick Cherry Tomato
Our abundant red cherry tomato essential for any tomato lover. 80 Days (30 seeds)

Gold Nugget Cherry Tomato
One of our favourite, prolific cherry tomatoes. Bursting with fresh flavour.
Great for patios and containers. 60 days (30 seeds)

Purple Bumblebee Cherry Tomato
Charming and plump cherry tomatoes with red skins and purple stripes. (30 seeds)

Brandywine Slicing Tomato
Popular heirloom sandwich tomato with superior flavour. (30 seeds)

Early Willamette Slicing Tomato
This prolific slicing tomato is so abundant, uniform and delicious. A perfect
replacement for Early Girl. 60 Days (30 seeds)

Mortgage Lifter Slicing Tomato
Classic heirloom tomato that is such an abundant producer it is named by its
breeder for paying off their mortgage. Red Beefsteak 80 Days (30 seeds)

Taxi Slicing Tomato
The first tomato to ripen in the garden every year. This bright medium tomato
is a welcome addition to any salad or summer dish. 70 days (30 seeds)


All Three Forks Seeds are open-pollinated, non-GMO, and certified organic by Ecocert Canada. Most come from heritage varieties passed down from generations of farmers, while others have been bred by other small seed farmers developing resilient open-pollinated seeds for various regions. All seeds are germination tested before packing.